And so it begins…

I am going to try to keep this short as to not build up too many expectations. I’ve never been one to “blog” per say. If you ask my friends they will tell you that there is a constant stream of thinking out loud/nonsensical run-on sentences coming out of my mouth, so I think I will come to enjoy this. Organizing my random thoughts into one cohesive piece is not one of my strong suits, so bear with me if these posts seem to sound like erratic thought processes 🙂 

There is such inherent beauty woven into this fellowship. There is beauty in my sleepless nights of anticipation and excitement in the month leading up to my departure. There is beauty in the moments of overwhelming sadness I feel when I think about leaving behind the family that I’ve built at Union. There is beauty in bringing everything I’ve learned over the past 4 years with me on my journey, and in being completely open and vulnerable to a new culture and a new family. And there is beauty in the comfort of knowing that at the end of this journey, I get to return to my old home, to my peers and mentors, as an ambassador for a hopefully new home across the globe.

Union is a special place; there is just something different about it. There aren’t words to describe it, but I think everyone felt it walking through the Nott as the sun set on our Union careers a few weeks back. I wrote in my fellowship application,  “Union College is where I grew up. I was seventeen years old when I got here. This place has tested my abilities- my abilities to understand change, cope with rejection, build lifelong friendships. But it has also nurtured me. This place is my home, these people are my family, and my love for Union runs deep”.

The Minerva Fellowship is an extension of everything that Union has ever been to me: novel, learning, challenge, love, family.

I set out on this new adventure equipped with compassion, empathy, and an infinitely open mind, ready to immerse myself in a new culture, and ready to embrace a new community. For now I am enjoying my last few days at home surrounded by my family, friends, and animals, and I am certainly appreciating these cool July mornings.   

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